Capture.PNGHey guys,

I have finally decided to make a blog where I can freely mumble and rant about the books I have or am planning to read. It is also easier to fangirl and obsess over books as well 😉

I love and am obsessed with books. This includes talking about books, dreaming about books, smelling books ( I know crazy o.o), looking pictures of books and “always” looking for something new or old to read and enjoy.
Honestly, I am not sure when my book addiction started. I think it was with my mom, as she loves reading as well and reads whenever she can, so the blame is on her 🙂
Letting you know guys, English is my second language, therefore, if I go off topic or weird grammatically or language wise. LET ME KNOW. I am open to feedback :).
I will do my best to write my reviews in a way that does not actually spoils the book. Or if so it will contain spoilers, I will state it before my actual reviews start.

I really hope you guys are going to enjoy my reviews and pictures.
P.S.: Please do comment, don’t be afraid. I would love to build a good relationship with other booklovers as well.